The initial exhibition and reception of The Rape of Persephone marks a key moment in Gottlieb's public presentation of his views on painting. First shown in 1943 at the Third Annual Exhibition of The Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors in New York, the canvas was among the paintings that New York Times art critic Edward Alden Jewell singled out to illustrate the hopeless incomprehensibility of recent modernist art. Another work so mentioned was The Syrian Bull by Mark Rothko, a painter with whom Gottlieb had been working closely for several years. Wrote Jewell,"You will have to make of Marcus Rothko's 'The Syrian Bull' what you can; nor is this department prepared to shed the slightest enlightenment when it comes to Adolph Gottlieb's 'Rape of Persephone."



This page contains various historical notes involving the Federation and its members.

Byron Browne
American Modernist & Abstract Painter

Throughout his life, Browne was a champion for abstract art. In the 1930’s, Browne worked for the WPA’s mural division, completing some of the first abstract murals in the country for Studio D at radio station WNYC, the U.S. Passport office in Rockefeller Center, the Chronic Disease Hospital, the Williamsburg Housing Project, and the 1939 World’s Fair. In the 1940’s, he picketed the Museum of Modern art in New York protesting their lack of acknowledgment of American Abstract artists. Browne married Rosalind Benglesdorf in 1940, a painter and writer, who also spoke out in defense of abstract art and was a member of the American Abstract Artists along with her husband.In 1939 he worked on a mural for the World’s Fair as well as a painting in the American Exhibition. Co-founded the Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors.

Federation of Modern Painters & Sculptors 1955-1956
by New York. Acquavella Galleries, Inc.
Publisher Information:
Federation of Modern Painters & Sculptors, Inc. New York 1955
This is a very good softcover copy with only light wear. Very clean inside and out. Edges rubbed. Spine not creased. Foreword by Duncan Phillips. 75 works illustrated in black & white with brief note:thumbnail biographical sketch. 6" high X 9" wide. The work is in both abstract and figurative styles.

Dorothy Eisner  (1906-1984)
  Art Students League
  Academie Grand Chaumiere, Paris
  Society of Independent Artists
  National Association of Women Painters
  Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors  (founding)


Chaim Gross Papers collection at
The University of Syracuse

"The Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors and the Museum of Modern Art," a 1944 review by Clement Greenberg published in Greenberg, Clement The Collected Essays and Criticism, Volume 1: Perceptions and Judgments, 1939-1944. Edited by John O'Brian. 296 p., 2 line drawings. 1986