Founded in 1940


"And so a split occurred and then later another organization, the Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors, was an offshoot of the Artists Congress. And those were primarily people that split off from the Artists Congress proper which was pro-Russian. I know Gottlieb was one of the people that wouldn't sign. And we thought that was terrible at the time, you know. And Rothko wouldn't sign either. We were really dumb, you know. Well, we were involved. We believed in something. We believed in it so strongly that we couldn't - I don't think they really saw any more clearly than we did. We just happened to fall on the other side of the fence."

Dorothy Dehner
sculptor and former member, speaking in 1965.



Click on the name to read an interview with a former member of the Federation

Joseph Albers, interview 1968, Archives of American Art

Peggy Bacon, interview 1973, Archives of American Art.

Edwin Dickinson interview 1962, Archives of American Art

Adolph Gottlieb interview 1967, Archives of American Art

Vaclav Vytacil interview 1966, Archives of American Art

Interview with current member:

Will Barnet interview 1993, Archives of American Art



 Marion Lerner–Levine



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